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About Project Sanctuary

1.65 million brave men and women have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

1 in 50 returns home with physical disabilities, 1 in 5 returns home with invisible injures of war such as, TBI, PTSD, alcoholism, anxiety and depression. Child abuse triples when a parent is deployed. There are 21 reported suicides every week among veterans.

These families need and deserve our support!

Project Sanctuary is a Colorado 501(C )3 proudly serving our active duty and veteran military families.

We host free 5 night, therapeutic retreats using diversion therapy to reunite and strengthen the family bond.

We follow our families for 2 years and offer services so that our families can successfully reintegrate into their communities and thrive physically, psychologically, socially and economically.

Since 2008 Project Sanctuary has helped 66 families, 264 individuals, to reintegrate, and find peace after war.

Our program speaks for itself; we have been endorsed by the DOD . Our wait list of families needing services is over 500 and counting.

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